All of our products are crafted from a fine metal alloy and finished to last a lifetime.  Each one is hand detailed and colors will vary slightly.  


Brushed Nickel is a modern standard and works well with most contemporary hardware.


Chrome really stands out.  Use it in contemporary settings.  


We find that our Pewter finish works wonderfully with pastels, grays, black and many dark greens.  


The Antique Copper works well with colors in warm color hues from off white to red.  Our Paris Twisted Rope design is lovely in Antique Copper and goes beautifully with warm floral patterns.


The Antique Brass compliments colors in yellow, green and brown hues.  The Kyoto Bamboo in Antique Brass is absolutely beautiful with natural reed and grass shades.


The Dark Bronze is sometimes referred to as “Hand Oiled Bronze”. This finish is often used in Spanish, rustic and country style homes.  It goes well with wooden paneling, dark furniture and cozy settings.


Our 24ct Gold can be used anywhere you want to make a BIG statement.


White or Black can be used anywhere you want an understated look.  These are powder coated to last for yers.



Please be aware that children and pets may become entangled or strangled in window covering cords. Even manufacturers of shades and blinds with locking mechanisms recommend that the excess cord be held up in some fashion. To reduce the possibility of injury or strangulation, all cords must be kept out of the reach of children, including infants.  Our ChicCleats are an effective way to reduce this hazard. 

Attach the cleat at a height where it is out of the reach of children, being aware that a child may stand on furniture in and attempt to reach the cords.  Once the cleat is attached using the hardware provided, simply wrap the excess cord around the cleat and out of the reach of children and pets.

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