"Gold" Shade Cleat & Pull - Ibiza


Whether you call them decorative hooks, shade cleats, tie-backs or cord tie-downs, ChicCleats™ will complete your window design and are so beautiful you will want to show them off, not hide them like standard cleats. ChicCleats™ work well with most window coverings such as Roman shades, soft shades, woven shades and blinds.

No need to wrap the cord in a “figure 8”. Simply wrap the excess cord around the base of the cleat starting from the outside. Your shade will be tied down securely while still showing off your beautiful ChicCleat™. Don’t forget the matching TaradiddleTassel™ which hangs from the end of the cord. The tassel may also be used as a fan tassel or lamp pull.

You can now choose a size of cleat which is proportional to your window. Use our smaller style cleats (approx. 3 inches) in the kitchen or bath and our large style cleats (approx 4-1/2" to 5 inches) for larger windows in the living room or bedroom. All cleat dimensions are approximate and vary slightly from design to design. Each tassel design varies in length; however, the center is drilled out to fit from 1 to 7 cords on most styles. Other styles indicate the number of cords it will accommodate. Matching screws and anchors are included with each cleat. All of our metal products are crafted from a fine lead-free zinc alloy and electroplated in numerous finishes. The White & Black finishes are powder coated to last for years.

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